The left sweater and trousers that save your look for less than 13 euros


Lightweight, comfortable and functional, this is the set shirt and pants the left which is very well priced. For this reason, it is one of the favorite stores for everyone as it always contains a number of garments without damaging the pocket.

This set is available in two different colors, so you can choose the one you like the most, and both are best suited for the spring season.

How are the left shirt and pants

We are talking about a set of two matching garments. The t-shirt on the other hand has a round neck and armholes. Very loose and light you wear it with the same matching pants or with jeans and also with shorts. Because it’s for different seasons, and it’s now you’ll need it the most.

Meanwhile he pants, culotte type, it has a wide leg and an elastic at the waist. The best part is that they provide good comfort on many occasions. so you wear it with the matching top or with others in different colors, long-sleeved shirts, etc.

This set is ideal for going to the office and perfectly solves your look when you do not know what to wear. At the same time, since it is a pair of pants with wide legs, it is possible to do more relaxed sports such as yoga or fitness. And you also wear it at your dinners and nights out by giving that comfort and the informal attire that always goes well.

In two nice colors

The set is in two very different colors. On the one hand in aqua green, which is one of the most fantastic shades of the moment and since it is pastel colors, you will always look good. Although it is also in caramel color, slightly more serious than the previous one, but just as portable. Two very different shades so you can always change depending on where you go.

what does it cost

This shirt and pants set is available on Leftie’s website so you can buy it directly online in a much more convenient way and avoid travel and queues.

The left sweater and trousers that save your look for less than 13 euros

Its price is 12.99 euros, something exceptional and adapted to all pockets. With this, you can now go to your favorite website and choose the size and color that you liked the most. You already know that at Lefties there are also accessories and many other garments that you will need for this outfit, regardless of slippers, sandals, headbands, bags and much more. In addition to a variety of garments for all seasons.

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