The left is pathologised, who depathologises it?

When the Normans defeated the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the dynastic change was not only a political shift, but forever changed English society, culture and language. Together with the Normans, the French language also passed, which infiltrated the old language. Beowulf until it became the most Latinized of the Germanic ones. That is why today’s English is to a certain extent understandable, or at least partially derivable even by speakers of Romance languages ​​ignorant of it, given the large number of terms derived from Latin and French: “battle”, “castle”. ”, “hospital” and “jurisdiction”, for example, in English are written battle, castle, hospital D jurisdictionwhile German words, which are always capitalized, as shocking as it may be to us Spaniards, Schlacht, Schloss, Krankenhaus D Zustandigkeit.

Eight centuries later, the writer William Barnes suggested that words of Greek-Latin origin be eliminated in order to theoretically reconstruct the language that would have been spoken if the Saxons had returned the Normans to the sea. This would make it possible to achieve a more understandable English language even for the most illiterate of his compatriots. Barnes was not the only one, as such opinions were shared by Dickens in the 19th century and Orwell in the 20th. The most current cultivator of this doctrine linguistic purism Probably Winston Churchill, in order to increase the inspiring power of his military speeches, tried to use Anglo-Saxon words with as few syllables as possible.

In Spain today, the opposite is happening, especially since progressive slang is gradually built up by those who believe that the longer and more incomprehensible their words, the deeper and more indisputable their opinions will be. Clarity as a disadvantage and nebula as a virtue. The phenomenon, although punishing us for several decades, has accelerated in recent years due to the intrusion into politics of the Podemite tide emanating from the Spanish university, a fertile factory of ignorant people and an inexhaustible laboratory of ideological nightmares. Ideological nightmares, which, due to the failure of classical law, are soon accepted by him and generalized as if they were universal truths, as obvious as the sphericity of the Earth or the law of universal gravitation.

Newly created polysyllabic words are well known, as are those wonderful heteropatriarchy D heteronormativity committed in order to gain respectability for an insane gender ideology. There is also a tendency to replace words in common usage with longer ones in order to simulate competition. those of radiating core and his socialist colleagues are very fond of such words as verbalize don’t say “explain” problematize without saying “discussion”, complicate don’t say “difficult” visualize don’t say “understand” methodology don’t say “method”, employment opportunity don’t say busy the convenience of use don’t say “use” probabilistic scenarios do not say “forecasts”, problem don’t say “problem” expertise don’t say “experience” and combine not to mention “dialogue”.

But the problem does not remain with isolated words, as it extends to the construction of sentences which, the more pedantic, the more they are perceived by some as profound. Three centuries have passed, but they have learned nothing from that cat – “a very pedantic rhetorician, who spoke in a style as categorical as the most prim professor” – whom Iriarte immortalized. The only example, Podemita MP Sergio Pascual a couple of years ago:

Like all rituals, Holy Week acts symbolically to reproduce and strengthen the bonds of mechanical solidarity in the Durkheimian sense, or, why not, to recreate communities Turner’s spontaneity. Added to its artistic, cultural and even economic value is social capital, in Putnam’s sense, networks of sociability and solidarity that spread throughout the Seville social fabric through brotherhoods. In that case, why does Podemos have anything against Holy Week?

Palabrera’s last feat so far has been Trans Law Irene Montero and his happy ministry, torn apart in a recent report by the General Council of the Judiciary, both in legal content and linguistic form. In particular, he criticizes the inclusion of certain words such as counterconditioning, intersex D depathologistnon-existent in the Royal Academy Dictionary and carefully twisted to give them the meaning the legislators wanted.

What was not clearly explained shows that it was not clearly thought out. And this type of people, who have such a pernicious influence on society by their statements, writings and laws, was chosen by the majority of citizens to control the destinies of Spain. Spaniards have the rulers they deserve.

Left pathological, who depathologizes him? A depathologizer that depathologizes will be a good depathologizer.

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