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New government stimulus for drivers. Proposals for the Purchasing Power Act would provide more help for employers to fuel employees who travel by car. objective? Mitigate the shock of inflation. Consumer prices rose 5.2% year-on-year in May 2022, according to INSEEinflation is at its highest level since November 1985.

Despite the 18 cents per litre discount implemented since April 1st, the price shown on the pump does not fall below the standard €2 per litre. The text will be presented to the Council of Ministers in July next year, and the government intends to reduce the cost of commuting by car for employees. Can you get a transportation allowance? What is the amount of new support? challenge Explains everything you need to know about transport allowance revaluation.

How much is the transportation allowance?

Transport allowances are still optional for employers. After entering into a company agreement, he can pay for personal transportation for the journey between the employee’s residence and place of work. This assistance involves both the cost of fuel and the cost of supplying electric vehicles.

Who can get the transportation allowance?

to date, Shipping premium Only employees working or living in the Ile-de-France region or around city traffic are concerned. The employee must also prove that he has no other way of getting to work, especially because of time constraints.

In its new bill, the government intends to extend this optional bonus for two years to “all those who incur the cost of fuel or supply electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen vehicles to travel between their usual place of residence and place of work. Costs”, an explanatory memo specifying the text.

What is the employer’s contribution amount?

Today, if the benefit remains exempt from income tax, up to a maximum of 200 euros per year, the new bill raises the cap to 400 euros in 2022 and 2023.

Following the same logic, the government plans to increase the upper limit of the transport premium waiver from EUR 500 to EUR 700, combined with a sustainable transport scheme (to cover the cost of soft transport trips).

Can transportation bonuses be combined with reimbursement of public transportation expenses?

Previously not possible, employees can now benefit from a transport bonus and 50% of the price of a two-year public transport subscription paid by their employer.

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