The last zasca of Rosa Benito to Rocío Carrasco


the war between Rocio Carrasco and Rosa Benito keep going. For a few months, Rosa Benito has stopped appearing on television sets, a medium in which she moves like a fish in water. Reason why she has not had the opportunity to respond to the different accusations that her niece, Rocio Carrasco, has poured out on her and some members of the family in the delivery of the second part of the documentary that has the title In the name of Rocio.

Rosa Benito with Rocío Carrasco / Gtres

rose benedict He wanted to express himself through his Instagram account in order to also put the dots on the i’s. Despite the fact that he does not want to go into inheritance issues, what he does want to make clear is that his relationship with Rocío Jurado was special and that there was no type of economic interest on his part, as he has been accused on several occasions since Rocío Carrasco would take a step forward and return to the public sphere.

Story of Rosa Benito.  /Instagram
Story of Rosa Benito. /Instagram

To deny the words of the singer’s daughterthe one who was the hairdresser of the interpreter of Like a wavehas shared in his Instagram stories a few pages of a letter from Juan de la Rosa, Rocío Jurado’s faithful secretary, who wrote to her during her stay in Houston, when the artist was in the midst of a fight against cancer that ended her life that June 1, 2006.

«It reassures me to know that Rosa does not leave your side. How she understands you, how she knows what you need and what you like… Maybe he gives you a massage that he prepares a medicine that gives you a manicure or fixes your hair. But the greatest value is the love he feels for you, and it has been your best company»it has been possible to read in the letter that the secretary of Rocío Jurado sent to the artist, thus acknowledging Rosa’s affection for her.

Precisely, this letter was part of the book that he wrote about the artist, white moon dew. It is in the aforementioned copy where the version is told that Rosa Benito was one of the fundamental pillars of the late singer’s life and that she was much more than her sister-in-law.

Rosa Benito's story./Instagram
Rosa Benito’s story./Instagram

Despite the evidence shown by the former partner of Amador Mohedano, the truth is that it has caused a wave of criticism from those who are in favor and believe the testimony of Rocío Carrasco. “Yesterday, because of something I uploaded to my stories, the bitter faded women full of anger started with insults… Telling them that it doesn’t affect meOn the contrary, let them speak, even if it is well. I asked where the article had come from and they told me it was from the book that Juan de la Rosa wrote, so before criticizing they reported where things come from. Thank you ”, Rosa Benito has sentenced.


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