The last night of Esther Doña and Santiago Pedraz from the other side


The break between Esther Dona and judge Santiago Pedraz has been one of the most unexpected news of the year. Last summer, their separation was known shortly after their engagement was announced in an extensive report in which both posed happily and smiling, coinciding with their first anniversary. A piece of news that generated a lot of controversy at the time and that, to this day, still grabs headlines.

Esther Doña in ‘And now Sonsoles’.

The one who was the wife of Carlos Falco assured that the Judge Santiago Pedraz He had broken off his relationship through a text message, although at first he expected it to be a one-off discussion: “The only thing I want to point out is that on August 20 I received a message saying: ‘ our relationship is impossible, we’ll talk one day, take care and kisses’”, revealed the Andalusian, who explained that she had tried to contact the judge on several occasions, but without success.

Esther Dona
Esther Doña and Judge Pedraz on vacation in Ibiza.

However, now the magazine readings offers a different version of the story than the one that has been told so far. According to a testimony to which the publication has had access, the break occurred after the couple had a heated argument at a party, in which Esther Doña lashed out at the judge: «I am the widowed Marchioness of Griñón and you, a simple civil servant», assures this witness that Doña said. After this, the judge broke, in person, with the Andalusian. The same witness declares that Esther’s attacks on Santiago Pedraz were quite common because she apparently complained that she did not give him the luxurious life to which she was accustomed. In addition, he points out that at the time the couple broke up, the widow of the previous Marquis of Griñón I was already meeting a rich businessman, who responded to the name of Bruno.

According to the magazine, the relationship with this executive does not go well and that is when Esther Doña begins to send several messages to Santiago Pedraz, to try to get back to him. It is at this moment that the judge sends him the text in which he states that it is not possible to maintain a relationship and that the widow of Carlos Falco he has stated that it was the way he broke off their romance.

Esther Dona
Esther Doña and Carlos Falcó together at a funeral.

After the publication of this report, Esther Doña has not hesitated to sow doubt about the origin of the information provided by the magazine. In a statement to the Gtres Agency, the model has said that she is very calm and that she will clarify everything that is necessary in her program. Of course, she has made it clear that in a relationship there are two people and she has questioned the origin of this new data. We will have to wait to see what clarifications the Andalusian offers.


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