The last bastion of resistance is about to fall: Taliban makes progress in Panhir

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The Taliban did not stop trying to control Panhir Province, Afghanistan’s only province to be conquered.This Sunday, the fundamentalists launched a National Resistance Front It still controls areas of the province, including the capital, Bazarak.

Taliban members confirmed this Saturday that they have controlled all areas of the province, But the battle did not stop, Especially in Bazarak. The Resistance denied the Taliban’s absolute control of Panshir.

Since the Taliban decided to attack the province after the initial peace talks failed, the area has faced great difficulties, so they have no exact information about the Taliban’s progress or occupation of the area because the telecommunications system is Fall completely He added that it is almost impossible to coordinate this information.

The combatants suspended cell phone and internet services and cut off all supply routes to the province with the aim of Speed ​​up your surrender, This issue has begun to arouse concerns about the possible humanitarian situation in the region.

The provinces rebelling against the Taliban nestled in the mountains, hindering the military operations of Islamists.Panshir Valley is the only province to resist Taliban occupation 1996 and 2001It also stopped the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Its natural and historical power still exists, but the advancement of fundamentalists in recent days has shaken the last bastion of the Afghan resistance movement. It may take days or hours to fall into the hands of the Taliban for the first time.

Panjshir’s troops are led by the former Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, During the takeover of Kabul by Ahmad Massoud, son of former President Ashraf Ghani and the late Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud After fleeing, he proclaimed himself the new president of Afghanistan. The “Lion of Panjshir” is a legendary figure in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union and the Taliban.

Open negotiations on the front line

This Sunday, before the Taliban, the leader of the Resistance Front, attacked and advanced, Ahmed Masood, Posted a message on Facebook in which he started a dialogue with the Taliban to seek a resolution to end the military battle. “The front lines have agreed to resolve the current issues, immediately end the fighting and continue negotiations,” Masood said.

“In order to achieve peace, if the Taliban also cease their attacks and military operations on Panshir, the Resistance Front is ready to stop fighting,” the resistance leader announced.for Taliban The achievement of absolute conquest of Panshir will be the first great victory to completely control and conquer Afghanistan.


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