The Kyrie-Harden duo try, but Booker and Sans hold back the Nets



02.02.2022 –

TOanother outstanding performance from Devin Bookerwith 35 points, was backed by an impressive Chris-Paul v Phoenix Suns 11 consecutive wins above Brooklyn Nets 121-111 Tuesday night.

Michael Bridges scored another 27 points for Phoenix, his season-high just after scoring 26 points against San Antonio on Sunday, proving he is a reality on this team.

The Suns maintained a minimal lead throughout the game, although it did not reach double figures until after the break, reaching a 91–82 end of the third quarter that the visitors could no longer cut.

PC3 finished the game with 20 points and 14 assists, with which he maintains pace in his quest to catch up with Jason Kidd for second on the NBA’s all-time assists leaderboard.

Suns voted best in the league

The Phoenix are confirming their status as the best team in the NBA this season, extending their best season start in franchise history.

The Suns’ 11 wins is their second winning streak with at least that many wins this season, as they previously had 18 consecutive wins between October and December 2021.

Nets in free fall without Duran

At the opposite extreme are the Nets, who have lost five games in a row despite James Harden returned tonight with 22 points and 10 assists, and Kyrie Irving scored 26 points.

Blake Griffin scored 17 points on 6-of-10 shots off the bench, but that’s not enough for the Nets and they clearly still need the missing piece of theirs big three, Kevin Duran.

Suns next game will be away Atlanta Hawks this Thursday while Brooklyn is playing this Wednesday at Sacramento Kings.


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