The knitted sweater to show off your back this Christmas and without getting cold


Bare back is one of the latest trends in fashion, a classic that could reign in the past but is now coming back renewed, with all sorts of daring suggestions for you to wear at upcoming parties. As an example of this we have this nice knitted sweater that will make you look elegant. With an open back, it’s like that Zara.

absolutely elegant, It is an ideal design for seasons like autumn or winter. You can dazzle those present when you walk if you are going to a party. Exposing your back can also keep you cool, allowing air to travel throughout your body.

This is the knitted sweater that will make you look elegant

Unlike in the past, this one has some details that adapt it to a more current industry, such as metal wire and the opening on the back with lace at the bottom, quality symbols.

Set It is completed with a round neckline and long sleeves.and even though it’s only available in black, given the size variants from S to L, you’ll be sure to always have one for you.

For what occasions do we see it as appropriate? Especially for afternoon/evening outings, informal events with both friends and your partner where you want to feel comfortable but always inside trend.

Look back this Christmas!  The knitted sweater that will make you look elegant this Christmas without getting cold

materials and care

This product of Zara It has been made with the best materials on the market, in this case in a hybrid of 99% polyester and 1% elastane, which gives you a very comfortable feeling when you wear it.

In turn, the company works with monitoring programs to ensure compliance with its social, environmental and health and safety standards, which is why this article contributes to sustainable fashion.

As for their care, and then knitted garments have elasticity, it is advisable to always wash them at low temperatures and with gentle spin cycles, let them dry on a flat surface and store them folded to prevent them from deforming. If you don’t forget these tips, your jumper will age perfectly.

Cost and shipping

This garment costs only 29.95 euros, so the ratio between quality and price is really very good. You can pick it up at any of the different Zara stores for free or have it delivered to your home.

The other good news is that due to Christmas shopping, all purchases made after November 15th They can be returned in case of disagreement until January 10th, giving you sufficient margin.


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