The King celebrates the 500th anniversary of Elcano’s arrival after a world tour


King Philip VI chairs this Tuesday in the waters of Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) a naval magazine for remember that 500 years ago here, after a three-year journey, the ship “Victoria” returned, commanded by Juan Sebastian Elcano It was the first ship in history to circumnavigate the world.

A naval parade with Navy ships, including the Juan Sebastian Elcano and other historic ships led by a replica of the Victoria, will kick off the program, which will end in Seville, where he ended his voyage. Juan Sebastian Elcano and 17 survivors to the feat of discovering for the first time that the planet is round.

“We discovered and circumnavigated the world,” the Basque sailor already wrote to Emperor Carlos V, in a letter informing him of what is considered greatest maritime feat in historya feat in the history of mankind, comparable to the first flight to the moon.

Events dedicated to this historic event will be held from 6 to 11 September.

After a maritime stop in Sanlúcar, just like 500 years ago, the Audaz naval ship and the historic ships They’ll climb the Guadalquivir to Sevillerecreating the route by which Elcano and his men officially completed their journey.

The Nao Victoria replica will be received on Thursday 8 at the Muelle de las Delicias in Seville with ten volleys for the honorary battery Tercio de la Armada de Infantería de Marina.

Also in the presence of the king between the 8th and 11th there will be a program dedicated to Elcano and the sailors who participated in the first circumnavigation of the world.

the city will offer recreation in which a group of actors are introduced as 18 sailors. who have returned from the expedition will imitate the arrival in Seville of Juan Sebastián de Elcano and his sailors and the subsequent religious procession to the church of Santa Ana which they made to thank the Virgin de la Victoria for their return and the climax of their journey. .

A high-level meeting between the foreign ministers of Spain and Portugal and the donation of the bust of Juan Sebastian Elcano to the Permanent Delegation of the European Commission to Spain for supporting the commemorative project are part of the events planned in Seville. , as well as the maritime festival V Centenario de la Vuelta al Mundo.

will take place on the 9th light show with 250 drones over Plaza de Españaand on September 10, Fura dels Baus will complete this celebration with the premiere of its show “Esfera Mundi” on the Guadalquivir river, at the height of Torre del Oro.

A whole program that will put an end to a celebration that lasted three years, like the journey that began on August 10, 1519, when five Spanish ships under the command of Ferdinand Magellan left the Mule dock in Seville, instructing Carlos I to open the way west to the Spice Islands (Molucca Islands), which ended on September 6, 1522, when only one of them, the Victoria, returned with 18 hungry and exhausted sailors to Sanlucar de Barrameda after the first circumnavigation of the world. .


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