The king and their daughters unexpectedly visited a small town in Leon


It has been very busy for him these few days King Felipe VI, this Queen Letizia, this Princess Eleanor with Princess Sophia On the occasion of an event held within the framework 2021 Princess of Asturias AwardOn Saturday morning, His Majesty and their daughters concluded their trip to Asturias in the form of the 2021 Model Town Award, which was presented to Santa Maria del Puerto Rico. Far from ending their family trip there, they made a surprise visit to the town of Piedrafita de Babia in Leones. The monarch, queen, future heir to the throne and the little princess stopped in a completely unexpected way, and surprised the residents of this small town in the Babia region belonging to the city of Cabrianes.

The royal family of Asturias. /Gtres

The cessation was caused by the severe weather that plagued the area, as announced Leon NewsThe monarchs also planned to pass through the city of Villabrino in Leon, but heavy fog prevented the helicopter from landing there.

Royal Family Visits León Town / Hostal Babieca Facebook
Royal Family Visits León Town / Hostal Babieca Facebook

This visit left an unforgettable moment, especially for those who did not expect Royal visitIn fact, some of them did not hesitate to immortalize this moment and asked their majesty and their daughter for photos that they had shared through social networks. The owner of Babieca, Graciela Child, Once told the above-mentioned media, “the visit time is very short”, they used the accommodation to change the clothes of the room.

Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia and Leon Citizen.  / Hostal Babieca Facebook
Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia and Leon Citizen. / Hostal Babieca Facebook

This trip is the family reunion of the King and the little princess with Princess Eleanor, because Princess Asturias is studying high school at UWC Atlantic College, which is a boarding school in Wales, she will have to return October 31 next year. FIt coincides with her birthday, so on this special day, she will have the opportunity to be surrounded by relatives, because there are only two years left before her adulthood.

On the same Monday, Don Felipe returned to work. However, Doña Letizia is going to visit Pontevedra on Thursday and ask a rural school Give the Princess of Girona Prize (Princess of Girona Prize) to work.

Princess Leonor, the protagonist of the Asturias tour

The future heir to the throne not only recited the speech at the 2021 Princess of Asturias Award Ceremony, where she was more nervous than at the 2021 Exemplary Person Award. «Do you know how to combine the ancient cowboy tradition with the needs of today’s life (…) DFrom Calechina’s point of view, known as the Infanta Sofía point of view from today, we have seen how you protect the environment and how you look forward to the future with hope (…) You are a role model worthy of continuing to work in order to revitalize the town and realize its potential. It is very necessary for our society to continue to progress. Sincerely thank you for your welcome and kindness. And congratulations to everyone,” he said in Santa Maria del Puerto Rico.

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