The King and Princess Sofia: The Special Connection of Movie Night

The Kings are back in the movie. Last Friday, after the monarch ended his institutional agenda by participating in the swearing-in of the flag of the new Royal Guard, Don Felipe, Dona Letizia and Princess Sofia They took this opportunity to enjoy one of their greatest passions.The royal family went to one of their favorite Madrid cinemas, Manotras, to watch Pedro Almodóvar’s latest movie, Parallel Mother, as confirmed Spanish.

Oviedo / Queen of Gtres and Princess Sofia

In the absence of Princess Eleanor, Who are studying in Wales and because of La Almudena holidays, these days are a bit atypical in the capital. Their majesty and their little daughter seem to prefer to stay in Madrid, but take advantage of some of their favorite activities.

According to the newspaper, the royal family coincided with a couple during the promotion, and they were surprised to hear the king said that the movie was “not bad.” They soon started a short conversation-setting aside time from the top floor of the movie theater to the garage-and discussed how they found the movie. The couple are very critical, and Don Felipe and Dona Letizia are cautious about this. For its part, Princess Sophia He just smiled under the mask.

The King in File Image/Gtres

It is nothing new for the Kings to go to the movies on weekends, let alone go to their favorite place. What’s even stranger is that their youngest daughter accompanied them, although sometimes they would go with the two of them, even Don Felipe and Leonor alone. And obviously, the enthusiasm of the king and his wife for the seventh technique has penetrated deeply into their two daughters.

Support Spanish movies

Although one of the most important events in Spanish cinema did comment on the King’s absence many times, the delivery Goya AwardThe fact is that his support for national films remains unchanged. Just a few days ago, Doña Letizia participated in a film festival in Tudela, especially at the Ópera Prima Film Festival to pay tribute to filmmakers Juan Antonio Bardem, Luis García Berlanga and Fernando Fernán-Gómez. This summer, he He also attended the closing of another Atlanta Film Festival in Palma de Mallorca, where he coincided with the figure of Judi Dench.

Penelope Cruz in File Image/Gtres

Although your Majesty tends to have a certain preference for original movies, in this case, their choice is very important.Queen and her relationship Penelope Cruz, So much so that he even went to visit the filming of the movie Queen of Spain Fernando Truba was in the town of Bustavijo in Madrid a few years ago.

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