The key to hair care in autumn: 3 must-have products


Our hair changes throughout the year. This is why it is important to follow routine care. For example, in summer, exposure to sunlight, sea water or chlorine in swimming pools can dry out our hair and severely damage our hair. During these months, we use certain products to regenerate the scalp. When the cold comes, we must do the same, because it will also suffer from cold and of course pollution.From Look We will provide you with the best tips so that you can show off your shiny, silky and full-bodied mane. record!

Mar Flores at the hairdresser. / Gtres

Don’t be afraid of scissors

If you neglect your hair, one of the options is to reduce the loss. In this way, the hair will grow healthily and we will prevent it from continuing to deteriorate. Eliminating split ends will regenerate your scalp and look great.

Massage your scalp

Yes, that’s it.Activate the circulation by massaging the head hint You must write it down and don’t forget. Due to this simple gesture, the capillaries will expand, which facilitates blood flow. Therefore, when we use the product, the nutrients will reach the roots of the hair. It must be done in a smooth manner and with fingertips.

The model combs her hair.  / Gtres
The model combs her hair. / Gtres

Weekly mask

We must follow the hair routine. It is important to remember that we must use appropriate products, because not all products can serve us. Before buying them, we must analyze the type of texture of our hair: Fat, dry or mixed. Once this is confirmed, we will find the ideal product. In addition, if we apply the mask once a week for a long period of time, such as the entire afternoon, we will notice some changes in the hair. immediate!

Natural products

It is always better to make this product with natural ingredients because it will reduce the damage to our hair.Brand likes Fresly cosmetics They have a variety of shampoos and hair care masks. In addition, on their website, they explain all the components and advantages of the product.

Heidi Klum was combing her hair.  /Gtres
Heidi Klum was combing her hair. /Gtres

Pay attention to your diet

“We are what we eat”. Food plays a vital role in showing off perfect hair. A diet rich in vitamin B will strengthen the hair, while on the other hand, foods containing iron or magnesium will also make the hair more shiny. Don’t forget that keeping the body hydrated is essential so that our hair will not dry out. The same is true for the skin. Drinking water throughout the day is one of the tasks we cannot ignore under any circumstances.

There is no doubt that caring for your hair has never been easier, but we must not forget that when following these tips, another key is perseverance.

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