The jumpsuit with Stradivarius neckline to be the perfect guest at a communion


IN Stradivarius’ new collection for spring and summer we find authentic jewels at a very good price. The season for weddings, baptisms and communion begins and if we are invited to any of these celebrations, Stradivarius offers us a jumpsuit with a spectacular knot ring. It is a very versatile garment, which we can wear both to this type of party and in our daily lives, to go to the office or go for a walk.

We are very practical girls, so if we are invited to communion we always try to find garments and accessories which we can take care of day and day, and not keep in the closet until the next celebration. Well, the new Stradivarius jumpsuit with a knotted neckline perfectly meets this requirement.

It’s about one long-sleeved v-neck jumpsuit. It has a knot detail on the neck and is rustic in style. With it, we can achieve a very stylish and relaxed look without giving up comfort. Keep in mind that a communion is a long party, where we will spend many hours away from home, so investing in a comfortable look is important to enjoy it to the fullest.

When combining it, it is best to choose one ankle strap block heel sandals. There is a perception that sandals with ankle straps make us shorter because they “cut” the leg. However, this does not have to be the case if we choose sandals with a very fine bracelet and which expose the ankle.

That they have a wide heel is essential for us to thrive and be able to walk and dance for hours. The monkey is stone-coloredso the sandals should be in a neutral and soft color, such as beige or rose quartz.

For daily appearancethe jumpsuit from the new Stradivarius collection for this season looks great with jute sandals and a braided bag. We can also choose flat sandals in brown.

The jumpsuit with a knot ring to be the star guests in a communion has a price of € 35.99 in the online store, and is available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XL.

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