The judges scoff at Real Madrid with added time


Real Madrid missed another chance Wednesday after Barcelona lost Vallecano Ray, only home draw Osasuna

Los Blancos weren’t brilliant, but they deserved to win. Marco Asensio missed a big chance to prove his point, and Eden Azard did almost nothing when he came. Attack at the moment Vinicius the Younger and Karim Benzema

Soto Grado had problems at night and his refereeing caused the whistles Santiago Bernabeu Stadiumgiving a funny four minute stop after an incredible waste of time on the part of the visitors.

Asensio, Bernabeu needs more

Carlo Ancelotti started from the Balearic Islands, leaving Rodrigo Gous behind. But his decision was not justified, as the Spaniard was disappointed, he looked shyly on the field, and not the player who needed him for the coach and the fans. The Brazilian came out and looked immediately improved.

No one stops Vinicius

Vinicius the Younger is on the other side of the same coin. At the moment, all good things are going through him, and the more he plays, the better he gets, and fatigue is not at all a problem.

The judges scoff at Real Madrid with added time

Third home blunder

Real Madrid missed another chance to put pressure on Atlético Madrid: Barcelona also lost earlier in the evening. This season, it looks like Athleti, Sevilla, Real Sociedad and possibly Real Betis will be Los Blancos’ main rivals.

The judges scoff at Real Madrid with added time

Ancelotti wanted Camaving to calm down

Eduardo Kamavinga did not have the best evening, and during the break he had to be removed from the field, already having a yellow card and risking a red one. Ancelotti asked him to calm down, but had to be replaced.

The judges scoff at Real Madrid with added time

Moncaiola, per centimeter

Osasuna was able to lead in 50 minutes when Cimi Avila launched a counterattack that ended with Moncaiola hitting the frame. They came so close, but this Osasuna showed that they are a real team.

The judges scoff at Real Madrid with added time

Why didn’t Ancelotti use Mariano or Jovic?

Ancelotti had options on the bench and they had been warming up from the 70th minute, so why didn’t he put them on? His blind faith in Benzema and Vinicius did not work this time, and he was unable to cope with Rodrigo or Hazard, who only left the bench on their own.

The judges scoff at Real Madrid with added time

Soto Grado laughs at Real Madrid

They say the referees were instructed to lengthen the stoppage time this season, which is why Atlético scored a goal in the 99th minute at Cornell, while Barcelona were left to level with Vallecas until 98th. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Real Madrid, where Soto Grado added just four minutes despite the constant waste of time on the part of Osasuna.

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