The Incredible Story of a Young Man Forced by the Stasi to Marry a Spy for the USSR


A young man waits patiently at a crosswalk at a large crossroads. It is perfectly clear that no car is approaching, but it does not cross the road, the traffic light for pedestrians is red. Without knowing it, this insecurity in following the rules will change his life and make him must marry a woman he does not love.

The Stasi manipulated the traffic light (secret Service RDA, communist Germany), which is just looking for young people capable of carrying out the most tyrannical orders without asking questions. it amazing true story it says Comedy Stasiwhich opens this week Movistar Plus+. The young man was recruited by the Stasi because they are looking for new agents to infiltrate sympathetic youth environment of the West.

Stasi comedy.

After the traffic light scene, we are transported to 2022. Ludger, the famous writer, returns home with his Stasi file under the arm. in Communist Germany spied on every neighbor’s son. At home, he finds that his entire family is reading this particular “family album in which the photographs were taken by others.” Indeed, there is a floor plan of his house, photos of even his pet or his first sexual encounter, and even more intimate details such as a girl’s letter about how much she misses her body. The problem is that the letter was not written by his wife.

So we go back to the 1970s when he was recruited by the Stasi, which his family doesn’t know in 2022. Once infiltrated by pro-Western groups, Ludger will be trapped in a bohemian life, freedom and disinhibition, even forcing him to become You end up forgetting his job. But don’t worry, he is. Stasi to remind him.

Stasi comedy.

Comedy Stasi As the title suggests, it is told in a comedic tone, very far from being a masterful Other people’s lives Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. However, many times a message can be conveyed through comedy. See as an example Brian’s life whose scenes help 43 years later to understand many of the things we live by today.

Through absurd situations and predicaments, methods of communist intelligence in East Germany, from lines due to lack of essentials to the conspiracy paranoia of communist leaders who see “counter-revolutions” and “opposition worms” everywhere. Of course, executions are mentioned. The Stasi General asks the secretary of the Minister of State Security every morning if he has already killed someone before breakfast.

Stasi comedy.

Particularly comical and revealing are the scenes in which the young Ludger shares the spotlight with three other Stasi agents. In one of them, they ride in a car while the co-pilot flips through a map that appears to be Western. Ludger questions him and the agent tells him that they are more accurate than the communists. Why are ours inaccurate? “Well, to confuse the enemy.” “Why confuse our people if the enemy has an accurate map?” The scene ends with the words: “Do you really think our leaders are that stupid? There is nothing better than putting reality in front of a mirror.

Comedy Stasi it’s a fun comedy with the ending not as strong as promised, but in the end it seems that somehow “it’s all about the belated victory of the Stasi”.

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