The important meeting with which King Carlos and Felipe VI have started a new era

A few days away from heading to Qatar with the aim of cheering on the Spanish National Team in their first match against Costa Rica, King Felipe VI has traveled to London to be present at the gala dinner commemorating the 135th anniversary of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom. A most special act for both the Spanish monarch and Carlos III, especially considering that this is the first private meeting that both hold under Kings after the death of the Queen Isabel.

Felipe VI and Carlos III in Clarence House / Gtres

It was around 6:00 p.m. local time when the husband of Queen Letizia and the husband of Camila Parker have been seen together at Clarence House in order to hold a talk with which to promote commercial exchange between the two countries, acting as a connection between English and Spanish companies. A day for which the Spanish monarch has opted for a midnight blue tie, one of his wife’s favourites, while the former Prince of Wales has opted for an earth tone to star in some images that are already going form part of the history of both countries and in which it can be seen that both kings enjoy a very good friendly relationship, which is reflected in these official snapshots.

Felipe VI and Carlos III in Clarence House / Gtres

It was specifically in 1886 when the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in the United Kingdom was founded, being a key institution in the development of economic and commercial relations between the two countries. Today it is located in London, and offers Spanish and British companies commercial promotion opportunities in both markets through a wide range of services that cover the areas of promotion, networkinginformation and advice, training, business development, business cooperation, logistic and administrative support.

Now, Felipe VI has the task of attending, for the second time in the last decade, a birthday party of the CCEthus being able to play a key role in strengthening bilateral relations at the governmental and institutional level within the Landmark hotel, located in the northwest of the capital, in order to kick off a week that promises to be very busy for him. and be full of trips, the most outstanding to Qatara neighboring country that has become his father’s home.

Felipe VI and Queen Letizia in an audience / Gtres

In this way, it should also be noted that the father of the Prince Guillermo proves to be fully invested in the development of the country that reigns, thus following the legacy left by his mother and which is already remembered in all corners of the planet in a very positive way both for its duration and for the effort that Queen Elizabeth made for more 70 years to make the British Crown something viable and lasting despite the many controversies that have revolved around the Windsor clan in recent times.