The idea that speech is ‘disinformation’ and that no society can survive free speech has been widely accepted.


At the root of most political crimes lie bad ideas. And at the root of #TwitterGate was the notion, widely circulated by the political class and the media, that “disinformation”, essentially propaganda, posed a critical threat to our society and urgently needed to be curtailed.

The ‘inciting incident’ in this argument was Trump’s victory in 2016. The more the media made him a threat to humanity, the stronger the argument became to urgently regulate speech. With the combination of Russiagate and the demonization of garden varieties, the goal of turning speech into a threat was achieved.

Everything that followed was corruptly inevitable.

The idea that unregulated speech was “disinformation” or “disinformation” and that no society could survive free speech was widespread among the educated classes. Finally it was taken on faith.

I have often said in the past that the ability to define the problem is also the ability to define the solution. It’s one of those things that the left does very well. They invent a crisis, homelessness, global warming, racism, speech, give it a political name, and then insist on the idea that this is a problem that only they can urgently solve. And pulls off the same trick over and over again.

The invention of disinformation was a particularly audacious trick because it reclassified a universally accepted right and virtue, speech, as a threat by changing its name.

TwitterGate only shows how this particular meme developed within the confines of an organization in its interactions with government officials and activists. But that is a microcosm of what was happening in the technology industry and much of the business world, governments and institutions.

The invention of misinformation meant that everyone was now expected to face a new crisis. They did this by imposing restrictions on free speech where they could, carrying out political propaganda in offices, and funding left-wing groups.

TwitterGate exposes some of these abuses, but much of the audience that needs to hear it is guilty of the same.


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