The Ibex 35 goes into negative amid geopolitical tensions


The IBEX 35 it started the session with a fall of 0.1%, to 8,180 points. The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange tries to contain the threats of selling due to new geopolitical tensions caused by the fall of two missiles in Polandmember of the NATO, killing two people. The main macroeconomic data will come from United States shortly before the opening of Wall Street. already met in Europe that October inflation UK it was higher than expected, reaching 11.1%, a 41-year high.

Experts pointed out on Tuesday that the geopolitical differences were subsiding after the meeting of the President of the United States, Joe Bidenand his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinpingbut the concern for Ukraine it’s on the rise.

The Polish government reported the fall of two Russian missiles in the east of the country, on the border with Poland. This is the first projectile to fall on NATO territory since Russia invade Ukraine at the end of February. Moscow wasted no time and as soon as the event was reported, it reported that had not attacked Poland with missiles and that said statement is a “provocation”.

“The statements of the Polish media and official officials regarding an alleged Russian missile fall near the town of przewodow This is an intentional provocation that aims to escalate the situation,” the official said. Department of Defense.

NATO also hastened to launch an assessment and questions the Polish version. The organization wants to avoid an escalation of tension and has doubts about the attack. The Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albaresasks “not to anticipate events”, but the United States has already declared that Ukraine is to blame for this act.

The US government says it is either a Ukrainian missile that veered off course or, most likely according to its analysis, remnants of Russian missiles that were intercepted by Ukraine, which thwarted it and destroyed with anti-aircraft missiles.

China and the Cvid-19 worry the markets again. beijing confirmed the lifting of some restrictions in its “zero Covid” policy, but cases are exploding again in some parts of the country and there are fears that new confinements could again slow economic activity after learning of a further drop in industrial activity and retail sales.

The sovereign debt yield they increase slightly with events. Interest on the Spanish 10-year bond stood at 3.1% with a risk premium at 102 basis points at the start of the day. The German “bund” was at 2.1% and the US 10-year bond yield was placed at 3.8%.

The euro did not at the same time feel the news of the conflict in Ukraine and opposed the dollar up to 1038 units. The book The pound was virtually flat against the US currency at $1,185.

Oil was trading with declines of 0.5% at the open of the Ibex 35. The type barrel Brant, that of the main international relevance, was paid at 93 dollars and the type west texas, reference in the United States, it was exchanged for 86 dollars. an ounce of requested It was nearly $1,800. In the crypto market, the bitcoins he lost $17,000.


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