The Husky, rescued by the 30 Million Friends Foundation, was kept in a small cage! | Zimo News

Snow, a husky and Cristal, a ram rabbit, have been donated to the 30 million Amis Foundation. This dog is often kept in a cramped cage and he cannot move. Today, the two survivors were pampered at 30M d’Amis Refuge (77) while waiting for an adoptive family.

A husky…in a small cage! 4-year-old Snow lives in an apartment next to Cristal, a 5-year-old rabbit. Both were entrusted to the 30M d’Amis Foundation by their former owner.

“They want to get rid of it”

Earlier, it was reported that the 30 million Beauty Beauty Foundation came to their home to check the living conditions of the animals. There, Snow and Cristal seem to be in good health. But when Foundation investigators learned that the dogs were locked in cramped cages as soon as the residents left the house, she was shocked. ” In this cage, the poor husky has nowhere to turn over », describes the investigator Nadège.

A few days later, the couple found the 30M d’Amis Foundation: ” They want to get rid of their dog, Testified investigator. It is said that he has become despicable, and this puppy is very cute! “. The rabbit was also transferred to the foundation, and one of the owners announced that it would stay in the cage on the balcony… so it was included in extreme temperatures!

Currently enjoying at Tuileries Refuge

These animals are taken care of by our team and are currently in the Tuileries Refuge (77). These two friends have left their mark after our therapist… even if they prefer the warmth of a loving home! ” Krystal the rabbit is not scared at all, on the contrary: he keeps asking us to caress., Arnault, the therapist at the refuge, smiled. Snow is also very social. He kept running around asking us to play!

Like them, many animals are waiting for new families. To meet them and possibly adopt them, please contact the shelter at any time on 01 64 00 15 45.

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