The hidden symbol of Queen Letizia’s most special look


This Queen Letizia Dazzled at the festivities Hispanic Heritage Day. After two years of the pandemic, the important party is finally back to normal. Felipe VI’s wife picked a flattering model in the premiere Lady Keys, and for the second year in a row didn’t resort to Felipe Varela, her main label for years.If the Queen wore one last year Maria Barragan, This time Donna Letizia chose waganaa Seville brand that focuses on guest styling, not only in spouses’ wardrobes, but also in Princess of Asturias.

Queen Letizia of Columbus. / Getreth

specific, Donna Letizia wears a chiffon women’s cut dress with tiny polka dots, mid-length, open sleeves, criss-cross neckline and revealing waist. Designs belonging to previous collections – ones that Doña Letizia has done before, which responds to the trend of sobriety and austerity – and do not reach the price of 300 euros. Of particular importance is not only the choice of brand, which responds to the Queen’s new strategy for companies with a sustainable mindset, led by women in most cases, and a message-related colour, green to the crown. support.Don’t forget the acronym GREEN is used to refer to the message “Long Live the King of Spain”Also, this Spanish pattern of polka dots is especially good for celebrating Columbus Day.

King of the Royal Palace of Madrid. / Getreth

Vogana makes it clear on its website that its fundamental principles are quality and constant innovation, seeking inspiration in retro aesthetics and in lifestyle, travel and living experiences, always without losing its Andalusian stamp. To this, we had to add relatively affordable prices, connect the Queen’s style with the rest of the population, and promote intimacy, which is so important in this day and age.

The Kings’ reception in Madrid. / Getreth

In addition to dresses, the choice of accessories also played a key role. Doña Letizia relied on Magrit for her shoes and bags, a detail the king’s wife barely experienced.About jewelry, except for her inseparable ring Karen HallamThe Queen, who wears it regularly at all her events, opted for detachable diamond and Australian pearl earrings this time around. It was the most special piece of his jewelry box, not only because it was a gift from King Felipe, but also because he wore it on important occasions during his eighteen years as a royal, such as at baptisms in England, for example, his two daughters.


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