The heartbreaking letter that Queen Letizia has received


The Queen Letizia It is involved with numerous causes and associations of different types, most of them related to education, equality or health. There are many letters and requests that the wife of Felipe VI receives throughout the year, but on this occasion she has received a particularly striking letter in her ‘mailbox’. As she has transcended, the National Association of Pulmonary Hypertension has sent a letter to Doña Letizia in which she requests that the Queen intercede in the case of Ablaye Mboup.

This is a 59-year-old Senegalese who lives in Fuengirola, and who came to Spain in search of new opportunities and a better future. However, he found himself with an unexpected obstacle, the disease that he suffers from. A rare ailment that now has this man in a terminal phase.

In the letter, the association explains to Doña Letizia the state in which she is Ablaye Mboup as a result of this ailment. A rare disease -only 15 or 30 people per million inhabitants suffer from it-, serious, degenerative and fatal if the appropriate treatments are not applied or if the therapies they do not work. The association comments that Ablaye is alone in Spain at the moment, without the company of anyone from his family.

Queen Letizia on a trip to Germany.

As published by South Newspaperwho has had access to the letter that the association has sent to Queen Letizia, “For Ablaye, the impact of the disease has been great, since not only has he had to accept and accept that he has a rare disease with no cure, but he has also not had the emotional support of his family, especially of their children, who reside in Senegal”. A text that includes all the procedures that have been carried out from the Costa del Sol Hospital by Ablaye’s social worker and doctor, so that someone from her family can accompany her, but they take a long time. Ablaye just wants her son to come and say goodbye to him.

For this reason, they ask that the bureaucracy does not set limits on this issue, since Ablaye is in a extreme situation. The association also recalls that its fight is focused on defending adequate care for the sick, but also on ensuring that patients like Ablaye have a dignified death: “humanizing the end of life, regardless of their place of origin,” they stress.

Letizia in Cadavedo / Gtres
Queen Letizia in an act in Cadavedo.

The letter ends with a direct message to Doña Letizia, with which they appeal for her solidarity: “we know of the involvement of Your Majesty with humanitarian causes and the close link with rare diseases, which is why we desperately resorted to his appeal as the last option to be able to offer Ablaye a humanized death next to his son.


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