The head of the space station noticed a strange phenomenon over Europe


FRench cosmonaut Thomas Pesce took pictures of strange blue light over Europe with International space station

The astronaut published an image on the network, which captured a frame from time-lapse photography, in which you can see a curious event.

TO European Space Agency A laboratory in Germany with a team led by Denmark is currently observing and researching this phenomenon.

These short-lived phenomena of light are of increasing interest from astronauts and scientists, although only a few years ago their very existence was questioned, as Peske explains in his signature.

“Just a few decades ago [this lightning] have been anecdotally observed by pilots and scientists [who] were not sure that they really exist, “wrote Sand

“Fast forward a few years and we can confirm that elves and sprites are real and can also affect our climate!”

What are ELVES and SPRITS?

Optical events like this are caused by things like lightning strikes upward during a thunderstorm high in the atmosphere. Scientists have been creative in naming the various types.

These upward lightning bolts are called blue streams. SPRITE Network (Stratospheric / mesospheric disturbances as a result of intense electrification of a thunderstorm) and Elves (Emission of light and disturbance of very low frequency due to sources of electromagnetic pulses), as well as other phenomena with names such as trolls, pixies and gnomes.

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