The great victory of Luisa’s youngest daughter in Marta, Norway


Seems to be the youngest daughter Marta Luisa from Norway He inherited his mother’s hobby of horse riding and everything related to the equestrian world. Last August, Emma Tallulah Behn won the bronze medal in the high jump competition. Norwegian National Riding Championship outdoor. Now, two months later, he won the gold medal in the same tournament, this time indoors.Granddaughter of the king Harald from Norway In her country and her category, she is an official equestrian champion.

Thirteen-year-old Emma Tallulah Behn (Emma Tallulah Behn) has become an important figure in the country’s equestrian world. In addition to recent victories, Marta Luisa’s daughter has won a bronze medal in the Nordic Championships in the past.

In the game held this weekend, Emma was accompanied by her family.this Princess Marta Luisa He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be with his little daughter at this important moment, and even turned to social networks to announce Emma’s success. She kept Very special accomplice with his horse Fetoucha, And achieved important victories with him.

Marta Luisa and Norwegian Shaman / Gtres

Marta Luisa He shared with his followers beautiful anecdotes about the moment his daughter was born, which affected his passion for horse riding to some extent: “When you were born, the horses lined up in a row in front of our windows. , They left the grazing and they sat motionless for a few hours until you came to this world and we introduced them to you. This connection shapes your life,” the princess wrote, she and her daughter Horses have the same enthusiasm.

Emma Tallulah Behn is the third daughter of Norwegian Princess Martha Louise and the artist Ali BainPassed away on December 25, 2019. Although this little girl is not a princess, she does occupy seventh place in the succession to the throne.

Marta Luisa
Marta Luisa and her young daughter / Gtres

Since the death of Ali Bain, although the princess has been separated from him for a period of time, she is highly dependent on her three daughters. The oldest 18-year-old Maud Angelica Behn (Maud Angelica Behn) intends to follow in her father’s footsteps, and the one in the middle, Leah Isadora Bain, Is very active on the Internet, and was named the best influencer in the beauty field at the Vixen awards ceremony.

Marta Luisa
Marta Luisa and her daughters / Gtres

In addition to her daughter, Marta Luisa also reshaped her life with the shaman Durek Viret Although rumors about a possible wedding have been around for some time, there is no official confirmation yet.

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