The great triumph of Marta Ortega in her new stage at the helm of Inditex


The last few months have been full of positive changes for Marta Ortega. It was last April when Amancio Ortega’s daughter premiered as perfect president of Inditex with an official photograph, a new stage that she faced with the greatest of illusions and willing to make the textile empire created by her father grow, even more if possible. An arduous task that seems to be carrying out in spades, or so it has been revealed from the fashion firm itself.

Marta Ortega smiling / Gtres

Bearing in mind that the end of the year is just around the corner, on the Inditex website they wanted to carry out a balance that has turned out to be quite good for the company. And it is that, the group would have reached its maximum historical sales, profit and cash for the second quarter in a row. A fact that confirms that this last quarter has been the best in the history of Inditex, with Marta Ortega being largely to blame for this achievement.

But the good news has not stopped there, and Inditex has gone into detail about the factors that have made the group shine like never before. One of them is sales. having grown up to 37% more compared to the same period, but in 2020. In addition, within this area, online purchases have grown by 28% compared to 2020, and 124% compared to 2019. Very good figures that mean that benefits have gone too in crescendoonce again crowning the company as a giant in terms of fashion low cost refers, both inside and outside our borders with nothing more and nothing less than 1,301 million euros of profits.

Marta Ortega at Paris Fashion Week / Gtres
Marta Ortega at Paris Fashion Week / Gtres

As it could not be otherwise, the new CEO of Marta Ortega, Óscar García Maceiras, has not hesitated to make an appearance in this very special statement, emphasizing the keys that he has made together with his partner: “Collections with a high fashion component, an attractive shopping experience and a highly committed human team to achieve profitable and more sustainable growth”. Some words that show considerable pride on the part of the protagonist, while Amancio’s daughter has preferred not to be part of the message in order to demonstrate her progress with facts.

Marta Ortega and Amancio Ortega / Gtres
Marta Ortega and Amancio Ortega / Gtres

As if that were not enough, these excellent data have been obtained hand in hand with some advances in terms of sustainability, betting on a circular fashion. So much so, that just a few months ago, Zara established a new platform in the United Kingdom called Zara Pre-Owned whose objective is to “provide the client with repair, resale and garment donation services”. Without a doubt, a series of advances that promise a most successful future for Marta Ortega at the helm of her father’s company for the coming years.


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