The great support of Sara Carbonero in her new setback


If one does the exercise of looking up the word friendship in the dictionary, it shows that it is about the “relationship of affection, sympathy and trust that is established between people who are not family”. However, in the case of Sarah Carbonero and Isabel Jimenez, this falls short. They are more than just friends as life brought them together over a decade ago, at which time they may have been unaware of the number of moments together they were going to experience. The positive and the negative, everything adds up for these members who have become comadres -as they call each other- and that they cannot imagine life without their extraordinary bond. But she is by no means the only great friend that the journalist can boast of.

Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez in a photocall / Gtres

If Sara Carbonero has shown something to her friends, it is loyalty. And that has not been easy since he has spent several years living away from his core while he was in Porto. He has never left them aside and that is why his colleagues return that love when he needs it most. For example, now that he has had to undergo surgery again. What at one point seemed like a routine cancer check-up ended up on an operating room table. Almost from minute 1, Isabel Jiménez has not separated from her, except when he has had to fulfill his professional commitments at Telecinco. In addition, she has become a spokesperson for the state of health of her friend. For example, she told Marta López that “Sara is fine, be calm.”

Rachel Perera She is another of the women who has been closest to Sara Carbonero in recent months. They have made plans together, such as going to the concert by Vanesa Martín -a friend of both- or escaping to Cádiz to enjoy the pleasant climate and immense Cadiz beaches. Alejandro Sanz’s ex and La Mancha have formed an inseparable tandem. Last summer they went on vacation together to Zahara de los Atunes, in the company of their children, during the first half of August.

Sara Carbonero, Raquel Perera, Isabel Jiménez and Vanesa Martín / Gtres
Sara Carbonero, Raquel Perera, Isabel Jiménez and Vanesa Martín / Gtres

vicky marcos He is also part of the intimate group of the ex of Iker Casillas. She is his favorite stylist. She entrusts both her makeup and her hairstyle. Together they have shared birthday celebrations, trips and it is even said that Sara met Kiki Morente through Vicky, who is married to a percussionist cousin of the flamenco singer.

The aforementioned getaway to Cádiz that Sara Carbonero starred in months ago served to meet her best friends. Apart from those mentioned, it is also worth noting La Flaka, Marta Girón, Mariola Orellana, singer Vanessa Martinas well as the indefatigable support of his sister, Irene Carbonerowhich is another of the people, along with his mother, who does not detach himself from the communicator in this new setback that life has dealt him.


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