The great contrast between Maxima de Horanda and Queen Letizia


Nearly a year after the king and queen’s last state visit, Felipe and Letizia In Sweden, their Majesty embarked on a new journey, this time to Germany. The Kings visit the Germanic country next week, and the trip will go down in history.But before that, they have been Reyes Maxima and Guillermo Those who have been to the Nordic countries.

Queen Letizia of Sweden wearing a tiara. /G three

This week, the king and queen of the Netherlands were King Carl Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden As expected, Argentina attracted a lot of attention.unlike Queen LetiziaMáxima de Holanda is usually a woman who chooses carefully when it comes to jewelry and styling, and she loves the baroque style. His adventurous and bold looks always attract attention and never go unnoticed. The same applies to jewelry.

Maxima of the Netherlands and the King of Sweden. / Getreth

Although it is true Orange Jewelry Box More diverse than the Bourbons, maximum He also knows how to use it. It is worth noting that Argentina loves great pieces, not only historical jewelry, but also costume jewelry. Its profusion of insect brooches and even a striking necklace of mussels is proof only for the most daring.

While the two royals have a lot in common, the reality is that there is an abyss between Maxima and Donaletizia when it comes to jewelry, at least in part in style. Both Queen Letizia and King William’s wife have chosen one of the most outstanding pieces in their jewelry box in Sweden, and in Letizia’s case, Lises’ headgearand Máxima, used in one of several versions of the Stuart headgear.

Máxima de Holanda Rhinestone Belt / Gtres

Doña Letizia also wore bracelets and earrings, while Máxima de Holanda also opted for diamonds. As for the styling, Felipe VI’s wife wore a low-cost H&M design that was highly regarded at the time, giving Philip VI’s wife a surprising nod to the country.

Dutch Maxima in Oslo. / Getreth

For the rest of Don Felipe and Dona Letizia’s journey, the Queen opted for a more discreet image, not only in clothing but especially in jewellery. Something Argentina has not done. On one of those evenings, Máxima dazzled her with a spectacular emerald pendant, a historical piece she deftly defended.

Aside from the most solemn appointments, the truth is that in less formal acts, the Argentine princess is far more flamboyant than her fellow Doña Letizia. The austere simplicity of Felipe VI’s wife contrasted with the baroque style of the Dutch Queen, who was adventurous and flamboyant in style. Two contemporary queens with very different styles.


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