The government’s Halloween look and other Columbus Day memes


This Hispanic Heritage Day For the past two years, the day has once again been held in a completely normal fashion, marked by restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.Started on the specified date parader Walk through the streets of Madrid, culminating in a traditional reception hosted by the King and Queen at the Royal Palace, attended by over 2,500 people.

As expected, Your Majesty and princess sofia They monopolize most of the protagonists, but not the only ones. Representatives of the government and other authorities are also in the spotlight, first of all Pedro Sanchez himself, who has arrived in extreme conditions in Plaza Lima, which has caused the The time lag and failed agreement had to wait nearly a minute in the car to be greeted by the CEO. The issue has caused a lot of speculation and headlines due to a lack of coordination between the government’s President and His Majesty’s arrival.

Social networks are flooded with comments and memes about the special day. Many of them were concerned about the lateness of the prime minister, but others were concerned with the dress code of the executive.before the coming halloweenthere are accounts looking to find inspiration in government members’ costumes for the scariest day of the year: “When you confuse Hispanic Heritage Day with Halloween,” wrote one Twitter user, who has posted a series of characters photos, such as Yolanda Diaz, Erin Montero, Merrittsel Bartette or Isabel Rodriguez. To be precise, the whole of the latter is likened to a carpet. A post opened with a humorous comment on the dress of members of the government.

In addition to this, the Legion’s mascot is also “memetic material”.This Sheep with the Spanish Legion He’s always been one of the parade’s big protagonists, however, this year’s comments are not only for his participation in the parade, but also for his presence.that’s all compared to sheep. In previous years the parade’s mascot was a goat or a ram, such as Pepe or Miura, but this year’s 2022 parade with Legionnaires is Puzzle, a woman who ultimately failed to attend. In its place is Titan, a sheep that has grabbed all the attention, not only on the field, but also online.


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