The government distributes a fake photo of Dali with Lorca and then removes it.


On the left is a processed photo. On the right is the original. | LD

The General Directorate for Sexual Diversity and Rights LGTBI, which is dependent on the Ministry for Equality, which is led by Irene Montero podemita, uploaded a processed photograph showing the artist. Salvador Dali hug a poet Federico Garcia Lorca… This well-known photograph shows him with his wife Gala around 1933. Rights belong to Gala Salvador Dali Foundation, the site of which can be seen.

Along with this montage, there was a quote from Lorca: “There are things enclosed in walls, which, if they suddenly go out into the street and scream, would fill the world.”… And he added: “Today, on the 85th anniversary of Lorca, it’s time to shout about them and fill the streets.”

General Directorate of Sexual Diversity and Rights LGTBI Account

Immediately, netizens were accused of unnecessary photo manipulation, and the tweet was deleted without any explanation.

One of the most influential was the former president of the People’s Party of Gipuzcoa, Borja Semper. “I cannot understand (this is my fault) why publish a fake photo from an official institution. There are many true photos of Lorca and Dali together.; They both deserve respect, please, ”he wrote.

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