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The German Green Party did not hide this: they were not satisfied with the way they negotiated with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Liberal Party (FDP) to form a “traffic light” alliance. Believe that their request has not been fully considered, they do not rule out that the negotiation will take longer than expected from now on.

According to the calendar announced by the three parties on October 21, the Bundestag will elect Olaf Schultz (SPD) as Federal Chancellor during the week of December 6. On Thursday, November 11, he pledged to comply with this timetable. “We don’t have much to discuss”, Angela Merkel’s possible successor said, adding “Has a tougher time” In his career. Christian Lindner, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, also showed the same optimism.In daily interviews Welt, On Thursday, he said his party will ensure “All points still in dispute will be clarified within the specified time.”

On the other hand, the Green Party is much more careful.When asked about the RBB radio station on Friday, their chairman Robert Habeck said he was not ” not sure” The negotiation can end on the scheduled date. The problem is that there are no precise measures against global warming in the “Alliance Contract” being drafted. “In theory, the climate is still far from being saved. However, if we are unsuccessful at this point, negotiations for the purpose of forming an alliance will fail”, Mr. Habek lamented.

Concessions to the Liberal Party

In recent days, other environmental officials have expressed their concerns, believing that they have made too many concessions to the Liberal Democratic Party. Although they only got 11.5% of the legislative votes, while the Green Party and the Social Democratic Party got 14.8% and 25.7% of the votes respectively, in fact, the liberals have obtained several major guarantees, such as not increasing taxes or respecting the “debt brake” “”, and symbolic promises, such as not setting a 130 km/h speed limit on highways, which are cherished by environmentalists.

“What I heard [de l’état actuel des pourparlers] It seems not good at all to me”, On November 8th, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Transport Green Winfried Hermann announced Süddeutsche Zeitung. “If there is no agreement on climate protection in the next few days, the risk of new elections cannot be ruled out. No one can hope”, He added. “At this stage, we cannot say that all the commitments are to limit the temperature rise to 1.5°C [par rapport à l’ère préindustrielle] “, Also concerned about the Green Party’s prime ministerial candidate Annalena Baerbock (Annalena Baerbock) mentioned the goals set by the three parties in the October 15 coalition agreement.

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