The future of Aaron Rodgers: a decision could be made soon, several teams sent proposals


Dice pass and we still don’t know the solution so far Green Bay Packers defender Aaron Rogers it is not known about his future in the NFL whether he will remain on his current team, whether he decides to retire, or whether he will seek to continue his career in another NFL franchise.

Report: Aaron Rodgers will make a decision soon

Whatever the case, Thursday’s report from ESPN Dianna Russini says we’re very close to having A-Rod inform the Packers of its final decision, which looks set to come last Tuesday when it posted message. post on his Instagram account On Monday night, he thanks a few of his Green Bay teammates for the past year.

If the likelihood that Rogers will wear a different jersey than the Packers jersey, which has been the only one he has worn since being drafted in 2005 NFL DraftAs you know, Russini’s report also includes information that several teams have already sent offers to Green Bay to take part in two-time current MVP of the season.

Where could Aaron Rogers go?

Among the best landing spots for Aaron Rodgers Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and Las Vegas Raidersit’s unclear if these teams have already made offers for the quarterback or if there are other surprises the 38-year-old quarterback’s services may offer.

According to information received directly from Rogers, his relationship with the Packers allegedly improved, so returning to Green Bay to try to win him over Second Lombardi Trophy not excluded.

If he retires, Aaron Rodgers will join him. Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger like quarterbacks who decide to say goodbye to their NFL careers after a long and successful career.


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