The funniest and witty novel that parodies the “ideologized hipster 15M”


Daniel Gasconletras libres editor, writer and columnist, gives us the novel and its sequel, “make laugh”, the elaborate, white and humanist humor between Berlanga and Woody Allen. Hipster in empty Spain D hipster death They make a great gift from the first page. Full of popular and cultural references, but no bragging rights.


We drive to La Cañada, Teruel, where a “newcomer” from the city named Enrique lands. A staunch postmodernist who has a lot to teach the locals: how to make a shared garden, that you can do yoga in the morning in the corral or use inclusive language. how would it sound I sing to freedom José Antonio Labordeta inclusive? Enrique considers it his duty to organize, for example, master class on new masculinity and, of course, “only his aunt drives.” He lives obsessed with “not hurting anyone”, even in his personal diary.

Choral romance, characters with their own lives, irreducible inhabitants, like those led by Asterix the Gallusagainst Adamism and the moral superiority of the one who knows and imposes how everyone should live.

Gascon tells us that we have a “very romantic vision” of the cities, “which does not match the rural.” The moments where the protagonist has to travel back in time to surf the internet to keep his virtual community up to date are very funny. And that the hipster, the author portrays, has “the appearance of a city dweller, cultural pretensions, calculated sloppiness in clothes, wants to be aware of trends, but when they are a minority” and, above all, “wants others to know what kind of original it is “. In other words, one that doesn’t stop selling us benefits. polyamory until it happens to him.

The author, who is making great efforts to restore the local language, “the memory of what he heard from his grandparents”, is looking for ways to reduce the current situation in Spain to the scale of La Cañada Teruel: Vox is a Muslim city will make a film about the Civil war and they are littered Greta Thunberg.


Daniel Gascon (Zaragoza, 1981) studied English and Latin American Philology at the University of Zaragoza. He published books of short stories Turkey age (Khordika, 2001), passive smoker (Khordika, 2005) and everyday life (Alfabia, 2011), family memory, Mezzanine (Random House Literature, 2013) and novel Hipster in empty Spain. He has translated authors such as Mark Lilla, Saul Bellow and Christopher Hitchens. He is in charge of the Spanish edition of the magazine. Free texts.


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