The fringed dress that sweeps Zara: perfect for New Year’s Eve


Even if it’s a few weeks away New Year’s Evehave we already found the perfect garment to celebrate the entrance to new year. It is about one fringed mini dress with sequin appliqué detail from Zara’s new party collection that we couldn’t like it more. Plus, it’s affordable and available in a wide selection of sizes, from XS to XXL.

Zara’s prettiest lashes

Going unnoticed in this dress is complicated, but New Year’s Eve is a very special occasion and every now and then we feel like getting out of our comfort zone. Made of 94% polyester and 6% elastanehas a lining in 100% viscose and is black.

A dress from Inditex’s flagship with a round neck and long sleevesa good point considering that we will be wearing it in the middle of winter and that the temperatures, especially at dawn, will be very low.

The fringe and sequin appliqué detail is ideal. The lashes create a beautiful effect when dancing, so we will be the queens of the party. When it comes to sequins, New Year’s Eve is the best time of year to wear them. Ready to shine!

The dress closes at the back with a slit and button. It’s mini, so combine it with some heels or booties we can make our legs look endless and show off a very stylized silhouette.

It’s just a little tight, so it’s also one very comfortable clothes. This is something important to feel comfortable throughout the night. Of course, we also have to choose a shoe with which we do not have to worry about foot pain.

Fortunately, this season will not be difficult for us because shoes and wide-heeled ankle boots are a trend in the fashion world. This type of heel, unlike the classic stiletto heel, distributes the body’s weight more evenly, and provides maximum comfort.

The fringed sequined mini dress it deserves to be the undisputed protagonist of the look, so it is best to combine it with black shoes without too many ornaments. Accessories should also be discreet, such as mini hoop earrings.

It is on sale in the Zara online store for 39.95 euros, from size XS to XXL. “This product is larger than usual”. On the web, we can also check availability in our nearest Zara store.


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