The freshest left dress for this summer


We can now make a list of the clothes we need for the summer. They are always fresh and with light materials. We have found dress the left cooler For this summer.

In two colors, so you can choose, it becomes the must of summer because it has openings and you wear it to go everywhere.

Coolest left dress

Is he midi dress with openings, which have a free price and many details to choose from. It has straps and a V-neck. It is also daring and sexy because it has openings under the chest and tie at the back with a matching strap.

We love it because it is light, made of a very comfortable viscose blend fabric.

Choose between two different colors

The top summer dress is in two different colors. So there is a dark and a light. The brown is the one to wear for a night out because it is much more elegant and you will surely combine it with flip flops flat or with espadrilles with high wedge. You can also go for a nice walk in sneakers in the summer or spring.

The freshest left dress for this summer

Even if it is also empty, ie brighter and more portable color than you have for the terraces where you usually go to eat during the day. And if you want, it is also the light dress to go to the beach and discover the unique bays at the destinations you will go to during the summer season.

It combines perfectly with many other garments that you have in your wardrobe or that you can choose directly on Leftie’s website. This is the case with straw hats, sandals in different colors, crocheted bags or cloth bags … and much more.

Now you have a two-tone dress at an irresistible price, you just need to choose the tone that you like the most.

How much does the summer dress cost?

It’s really cheap, its price is 14.99 euros. ANDI mean, you already have it whenever you want. The sizes available now are from XS to L. So you have to choose the size and as long as it is not too late, then the sizes are sold out and the garment you wanted would no longer be available.

Buying on Leftie’s website gives you security and confidence. But if you have a physical store nearby, you can always go and have a look.

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