The French government begins the process of banning ultra-right organizations


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The French government has initiated the procedure Dissolve an organization Located on the far right of the town of Angers, a city in the western part of the country, it is called Alvarim (Honeycomb, Latin). French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced the news on Twitter, noting that “the many facts discovered and the allegations of elected politicians such as the Mayor of Angers prompted action” to ban the organization.

According to French newspapers, this extreme right-wing group appeared in the sight of French administrative agencies because of “violent and discriminatory behavior.” liberation, Citing government sources. Several members of L’Alvarium have been convicted of violent acts.

Minister Darmanin has explained the exact reasons that led to the decision to dissolve the organization It won’t be made public in another ten days, In principle, when the process will end.

Members of L’Almarium protested the Health Pass: “Health Pass, Totalitarian Republic.”

In view of the decision of the Minister of the Interior, the leader of the organization, Jean-Yudes GannettOn the 26th, the former members of the Marine Le Pen National Front stated on RCF radio that they would fight “by all means” to prevent the dissolution of the organization. “This decision is based on fallacies and lies. Mr. Darmanin saw that the election was coming, he could not fight Islamism, and also saw the rise of our thinking, especially in Eric ZemoTry to turn on the fire extinguisher to shut us down”, the leader of L’Alvarium declared.

In May, several members of the organization attacked 5 people in Angers. reason? Obviously, Assault victims put stickers on When showing the venues of extremist organizations. Upon seeing this, a group of people rushed out, punching and kicking. Results: gaps, broken teeth, and orbital floor fractures. The head of the organization acknowledged the incident, but he classified it as a “forced response” by the militant group to the “anti-fascists who harassed L’Alvarium”.

L'Alvarium logo.

On its website, the organization claims to have more than 130 members, claiming to be “Community and friendly and militant gathering place” It implements “social actions that serve those the country would rather ignore.” “Our organization is an identity. It promotes local culture and has an integral part of French and European civilization.” In its initiative, the organization insists on the hope to “defend and rediscover local heritage and culture” and “oppose European nihilism.”

Le Monde In 2018, he can enter the organization’s premises to report.Which highlights that some books in the group of libraries have left A glimpse of their ideologyAmong the works of the organization, the works of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former leader of the National Front (now known as the National Reorganization), and the anti-Semitist writer Robert Blasilach stand out.

Mayor of Angers, Christopher Beck, Has declared that he is “very satisfied” with Minister Darmanin’s decision. “This group poisoned the lives of the Anjou people,” said the chief of the French town.


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