The foolproof method of a mathematician who won the lottery 14 times


A mathematician won the lottery 14 times with which it was considered an infallible method to be able to get rich in record time. On the doorstep of the extraordinary Christmas Lottery draw, it is good to know of cases like that of a man who won millions thanks to the perfecting of a method that helped him achieve what he had fixed in record time. Stefan Mandel changed the way lottery draws are conducted in many countries by discovering a method to win.

This is the foolproof method of a mathematician who won the lottery 14 times

Stefan Mandel analyzed the different draws that take place around the world. This mathematician imagined a system to make the impossible possible, to win. Taking into account possible number combinations and payouts, the statistic allowed you to bet on a winning number based on math.

By following the numbers which, according to this system they were more likely to win, they bought several tenths. In this way, the shot was assured. Although he had to invest money, his system allowed him to hold the winning number in his hands. By creating a form of possibilities and statistics, he achieved what he wanted to do, win.

In the United States, he tried his method in various state draws. Virginia’s lottery was the one that meant a change of course that would lead him to make a new contribution or transformation to be able to win that money he had in his hands, before the draw was made.

Australia was one of the countries harmed by his method, came to win the lottery up to 12 times. Since then, the massive purchase of certain numbers like Mandel is prohibited to prevent his method from being followed. There was not a single winner, but a series of numbers that could bring a good amount of money.

Mandel was persecuted by the FBI and the CIA who recommended changing the country’s lottery system to prevent this method from losing money to administrations or players. His system was published so that in addition to winning the lottery, he also got rich by explaining how to get more and more money in an almost magical way, buying a lottery ticket with which to bet heavily for a figure which, on certain occasions, could exceed several million dollars.


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