The followers of QAnon gathered in Dallas to wait for the resurrection of JFK.


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Hundreds of followers Conspiracy Movement QAnon Meet in Dallas this Tuesday, waiting The Resurrection of Little John F. Kennedy, The son of former President John F. Kennedy, who was killed in a plane crash in 1999.

According to his paper, The death of Kennedy is a montage Moreover, this Tuesday, the son of the former president will reappear in the 2024 election, appearing on the same ballot as Donald Trump. A message posted to QAnon’s account on Monday said that Donald Trump will become “the king of kings.”

Around 1 pm local time, hundreds of people gathered in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, waiting. But little Kennedy did not show up.

A few hours later, the few QAnon followers who were still on the square left the venue after it started to rain.

Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy responded on Twitter: “After the simulated death of Kennedy Jr., it is not an interesting thing for a large group of people to gather together and wait for his reappearance.” “This is one. Very worrying sign How political debates are completely away from the truth“He added.

sports QAnon appeared in 2017 In the U.S. His name comes from some mysterious information released by a certain “Q”, who is said to be a senior US official with close ties to Trump.

QAnon believes that President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are Satan’s conspiracy and global pedophilia.

this The FBI monitors this extreme right organization, Is considered potentially dangerous. Many followers of QAnon Among the crowd attacking the Capitol On January 6, an attempt to prevent Democrat Joe Biden from defeating Trump in the November presidential election was proof.


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