The flattering change of look of Ana Rosa Quintana


November 2 marked a before and after in the life of Ana Rosa Quintana. The journalist revealed live that she had breast cancer. Reason why she had to say goodbye to television for almost a year. “Today I want to say goodbye for a season, I hope it won’t be too long, I have been found cancer in a breast”, he began by saying.

Ana Rosa Quintana changes her look

“Today I want to say goodbye for a season, I hope it won’t be long, they have detected a carcinoma in my breast. Fortunately it is localized and there are no metastases, but it requires intense treatment. that is going to keep me away from this set of these colleagues who are also my family…”, she added.

Ana Rosa Quintana in 'The Ana Rosa Program' / Telecinco
Ana Rosa Quintana in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’

Just a few weeks ago, she returned to work, very excited and with a new change of look that suited her wonderfully: a platinum blonde in the purest Charlene de Monaco style. Now, she has surprised with a new flattering change of look. In the latest broadcasts of El programa de Ana Rosa, the presenter has worn a short elena with light layers on a chestnut tone with blonde streaks. Once again, Ana Rosa confirms that she is not afraid of taking risks and it is not for less because whatever she does, she makes it clear that with everything shines with its own light.

Ana Rosa Quintana with her new image / Gtres
Ana Rosa Quintana with her new image

The expected return of Ana Rosa Quintana

The month of October of this same year was a turning point in the life of Ana Rosa Quintana, since she was rejoining the program that bears her name. As she herself confessed, she was “nervous”, but very excited to be able to recover her routine again, since if there is something in this world that the presenter enjoys, it is journalism. «I feel like a rookie on the first day of her program. Eleven months have passed and I am looking forward to meeting my colleagues, with the spectators, who have accompanied me so much during these long months, and with the blessed routine, “she commented.

I’ve been doing live programs for thirty years and it’s the second time I’ve been away from my passion for a few months: journalism and telling life live. The previous one was very happy for my pregnancy and this one has been a little more complicated, but also with a happy ending. I feel like it, I’m excited and I need to tell each morning about the moment, also complicated, that we have had to live through”, he added about his long-awaited return.

Once again, he has taken over the daily baton of the magazine that enlivens the mornings on Telecinco (with the exception of Fridays) and continues to be at the forefront, at the forefront of current society news. The same happens with the frameworks of the coated paper. Ana Rosa Quintana is back and stronger than ever.


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