The first meeting of the Green Party and the liberals in Germany to “find a new government”


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this green with game Liberal (FDP) The Germans begin to establish contact with the ruling coalition that may be led by the Social Democratic Party Olaf Schultz, Although Conservative Amin Raschelt He did not withdraw his desire to become prime minister.

The two co-chairs of the Green Party, Annalena Belbok with Robert Habek, And the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Christianity Lindner, And its secretary-general, Walker wisdom, Met last night, in advance, because someone talked about The first meeting on Wednesday.

The previous date is recorded together with the photos posted by the four at the same time​​ Instagram, Through concerted action, apparently to show harmonious.

“Looking for New government We have resolved our common ground and bridges to overcome differences. We even found some. “Interesting Times” is the text of the four people, and they are also common.

Everything shows that the next ruling coalition will be a tripartite green with LibertarianThe strengths of, third and fourth are 14.8% and 11.5% respectively.

this game Social Democratic Party Schultz (SPD) was the most voted power, accounting for 27.1%, while Raschelt’s conservative group ranked second with 24.1%.

From a mathematical point of view, the difference between the two is not big, but SPD has increased by 5 percentage points compared with 2017, while conservatives have fallen by nearly 9 percentage points.

Meeting point

Meeting between environmentalist with Libertarian Was interpreted as an attempt to seek reconciliation and avoid situations like in 2017, and then the prime minister Angela Merkel He had tried to form an alliance between the two camps and the conservatives, but when the negotiations broke down, the alliance fell apart. Liberal Democratic Party Via Lindner.

The result of this abandonment was the establishment of a new great alliance between the conservatives and the Social Democrats. This is the only one that may have most parliament Necessary, something that every participant now wants to avoid.

The Social Democratic Party has announced its intention to start negotiations with the Green Party and the Liberal Party as soon as possible. Raschelt did not withdraw his claim to at least investigate those hypothetical partners, even though his group has exerted strong pressure to abandon this goal.

The leader of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), Marcus Sodd, Congratulated Scholz on his election victory on Tuesday and called for respect for these results.Raschelt, person in charge alliance Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and the conservative group’s co-candidates have so far avoided this step.

At the beginning of the year, Söder and Laschet maintained a strong internal pulse because they both aspire to be Prime Minister’s Office. With the conservative bloc falling into the worst result ever, the CDU leaders are facing increasing pressure.


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