The first and shocking images of the Meghan and Enrique docuseries, exposed


Although it was only a few weeks ago when the idea of ​​the Dukes of Sussex when launching their own Netflix docuseries, this project already seems to have taken shape and its premiere will be official very soon. It is expected that it will be on December 8 when a most revealing recording will be released, in which both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have the opportunity to speak at length about the reasons why they decided to leave behind their respective roles in the British Royal Family, despite the fact that this movement has led to some criticism.

Prince Harry in his docuseries / Netflix

Just one week after the brand new premiere, the entertainment platform in charge of carrying out this initiative has published the first trailer, which includes the most emotional clips of the Duchess of Sussex crying, while her husband says he had to “do everything possible to protect his family”. At one minute long, this clip shows a series of never-before-seen snapshots of the marriage, as well as vacation and more private photos of Prince William’s brother and his wife. As if that were not enough, the docuseries also includes a small video of the former actress crying while she remains in the back of a car and her husband tells that “no one sees what happens behind closed doors”.

Prince Harry with Meghan Markle in his docuseries / Netflix
Prince Harry with Meghan Markle in his new docuseries / Netflix

To put the finishing touch to this highly anticipated trailer, Markle appears giving an interview in which she reveals: “When the stakes are so high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story for us?”. A question with which she hints that she is willing to put an end to speculation with her testimony, so that her followers can know her truth first hand without having to make hasty judgments.

Meghan Markle in her docuseries / Netflix
Meghan Markle in her docuseries / Netflix

Precisely this convulsive trailer has come to light a few days after Anil Kanti “Neil” Basu, former anti-terrorist chief of the London Metropolitan Police, assured in his last interview for Channel 4 News that The Duchess received “very real” private threats, as well as “disgusting”, many of these movements having been investigated and “prosecuted” to the people who carried them out in their day”. An official testimony that fits perfectly with Meghan’s revealed words and that now she herself will be able to detail in the first person, thus telling the world some of the situations that she has been forced to go through so much because of some extreme groups. right-wing and racist in nature, as on the part of some members of the Windsor clan, who perhaps would not have seen very favorably her marriage to Prince Henry and her subsequent departure from the chores of the Royal House, already known as megxit in all corners of the planet.


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