The film with which Santiago Segura intends to blow up the box office again, “there is no bad third”


There are no two without three, and in this case “there is no bad third”, in words Andrew Arconada. This refers to the third part of the saga already There is only one fatherfamily comedy created Safe Santiago. This Thursday, July 14, the third batch arrives, There is only one fatherwhich, although it opens in the summer, takes place at Christmas.

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Christmas is coming and the children accidentally broke the figurine of the nativity scene from his father’s collection, especially the baby Jesus. In addition, this Bethlehem is one of the stars of a Christmas Eve family dinner. That is why they should try at all costs to get their equal. The problem is that this is a unique collectible item.

To make matters worse, Sarah, the eldest daughter, breaks up with her boyfriend (Ocho), who will try to get his girlfriend back with the help of his father-in-law (Javier). It is Javier’s father-in-law – Marisa’s father – who will be welcomed into the family home to spend Easter after their recent breakup, which will draw the attention of Javier’s mother: Milagros.

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Arconada, critic digital freedom D EsRadiotell me how to There is only one father “We will see the adventures that happen to children, family Christmas, relatives, step-relatives, grandparents, parents … and all this, of course make the audience laugh“. The pull of family comedies or ‘family friendly comedies’ is not easy to manufacture, and that’s what this film is all about.”

Andres Arconada, Director this movieamong the virtues There is only one father they find “a very funny script and that all the actors, both adults and children, are perfect”. To this we must add “not one surprise and not one important cameo”.

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Without a doubt, “the star of the Spanish billboard this weekend will be Safe Santiago and his There is only one father because “a priori it will be the highest grossing film, if the results of the previous ones do not fail.” Arconada recalls that the second part “came out in the midst of a pandemic, and despite the restrictions, people went to the cinema and filled the theaters.” This made the film “one of the greatest successes of the year and of Spanish cinema”. Therefore, “if only for this reason, we must be conscious Santiago Segura is worth it when it comes to getting the movie audience to see those family adventures.”

There is only one father it’s released Thursday 14 July in cinemas throughout Spain.


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