The Federation will not ask FIFA for an explanation on the second goal of Japan


The spanish selection has already set aside the action of the second goal of Japan. Although the image raises many doubts, from the Qatar University Doha wants to focus on football and forget an extremely controversial action which, fortunately for the interests of the national team, came to nothing, since those of Luis Enrique They qualified for the knockout stages.

The coach himself wanted to talk about this game during a press conference, specifying the momentary discomfort in the locker room: “I saw a photo that must be faked or manipulated. Well, I have nothing to say. I have already seen that something strange happened when the VAR took so long,” he claimed.

A few hours later, from the concentration of the Spanish team, they assure that Fifa “He works with a zenithal plan that generates many doubts”, but they add that they have not asked or will not ask for any type of explanation of the action from the highest international football body. Reaching the goal of reaching the knockout stages has dispelled anger over a hotly contested game that could have cost Luis Enrique’s men dearly.

From Qatar University a few hours after making the pass as seconds and overcoming the fear, they assure that the team is fine and the last thing they are going to do is focus on the referees. “You have to improve and grow in other aspects, not unload on the referee”, they say of a concentration that only thinks of the round of 16 against Morocco.

Germany very angry

The one who is very angry with this action is the German team, which was left out world. The Teutonic side would have qualified if the Spanish side had been tied, but the VAR ruling prevented them from doing so. The next day, the German media compared this game to the goal of hurst at the end of world from 1966 which was performed in Wembley between the German team and England.


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