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Van’s Lego City Stadium will appear in the Nottingham Forest Project

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legend, Jonny Heald spent three months making a ground model of the city during the lockdown

A football fan who built a Lego model for the club stadium said he was “very excited” to appear on the match day program.

Jonny Heald said he started building Nottingham Forest City Stadium during the blockade and tried it as a child.

Mr. Hilde’s 5,000 artworks are expected to appear in the championship game against Fulham later.

He hoped that one day he would be exposed to the ground.

Image Source, Johnny Hild
legend, He was inspired by seeing the stadium when he was a child in the 1990s

The 36-year-old player said that he first tried to rebuild the stadium at the age of 8 in 1994, when he watched his first home game in Nottingham Forest.

“I immediately fell in love with its uniqueness,” he said.

“At the time, I had far fewer bricks, so I often found myself having a colorful Trent End.”

Image Source, Getty Images/David Goddard
legend, The Nottingham Forest City site is located on the banks of the Trent River

The deputy principal of Repton Elementary School in Derbyshire stated during the June lockdown that he wanted to rekindle his childhood and began to build more concrete land with his two children.

Hilder has been a subscriber for more than 20 years. He said that he constructed it mainly from memory, but “seriously underestimated the task at hand.”

After several hours of researching the stadium on Google Maps and searching for professional parts on the Internet, the model was completed three months later.

He said that Nottingham Forest got in touch with him after an “overwhelming” response on social media.

“The model is recognized by the club, which is very exciting,” he said.

He now hopes that he can be shown on the ground.

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