The fans turned their backs on Barcelona: only 37,278 people at the Camp Nou!


Lour visits to camp Nou caused concern throughout the season, but the COVID-19 restrictions gave an explanation and El Clásico drew over 86,000 viewers.

However, it is true that there were almost 15,000 tickets for El Clásico, which are usually sold out, and against Alavesattendance was only 37,278 people.

This is the lowest attendance, although the club offered a half price discount on tickets after playing with Valencia and Dynamo Kiev has produced crowds of up to 50,000.

Although it rained heavily on Saturday in Barcelona, ​​the rain stopped in the afternoon and other places in the city were not affected as much.

The club understands that the pandemic and the slow return of tourism is the main reason for the lack of fans.

It cannot be denied that the team is not at its best, as well as that many famous figures like Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez everyone left.

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