The exact moment Íñigo Onieva realized he had lost the woman in his life


He is the most wanted man.companymain character The most amazing and surreal breakup in years. Since last Thursday, a week ago today, Tamara Falco and Inigo Oneeva announced their engagement, the endless events have not stopped, leaving the entire Spaniard stunned and staring at the TV Look.Video of businessman kissing girl who isn’t his daughter leaked Isabelle Pressler To the surprise of many, the new national heroine bore the brunt. Yesterday, the Marquise of Grignon left the world behind to show that caste (and nobility) came to Greyhound, speaking loudly and clearly about the abrupt breakup, first on a TV show and then at a show she sponsored middle. However, the other half remained silent, still devastated and burned by the emotional tsunami he had experienced these days. up to now. The figure tried to contact Oneeva from the beginning, but it was impossible. despite this, His most intimate circumstances, initially reluctantly, with Look Totally the truth about another great protagonist And how he lives in the first person, a rendition of his ex-partner.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva / Gtres

You can be proud to have good friends. It’s not easy to find someone in your circle who is willing to speak up. The few who do it get better:”He is a very good uncle. Ligoncete, it’s kind of like sometimes, but the people are really nice. What did he do wrong? Yes.He is very sorry for everything, mainly for the pain caused to him TamaraThe one he really loves.I’m pretty sure of the steps they’re going to take”, said a close friend from his youth. When asked how Tamara reacted on live TV, another close friend who is connected to the world of the Underworld didn’t hesitate to stand up for Oneeva: “He is in great pain.He did not understand the influence of the media, was completely destroyed and quit the game”. He continued, it’s not for less,”He was waiting for everything to calm down before making a bet (reconciliation), but yesterday he was horrified to see Tamara’s intervention. Speaking in the past tense, he was struck by her integrity, maturity and strength. He was sad because he saw that he had lost the love of his life. They unanimously noted from their surroundings that Inigo believed reconciliation was possible once “media influence diminished” and they could “sit down and talk without the opinion of others.” Many were surprised at how quickly Carlos Falco’s daughter decided to show up, and her ex-boyfriend was no exception:”I didn’t expect to see Tamara’s words so complete“. He has seen the possibility of disappearing in a few minutes.

Tamara Falcó at the Kronos Homes / Gtres event
Tamara Falcó at the Kronos Homes / Gtres event

overtaken and sunk

If the innermost circle of the young man from Madrid emphasized anything, it was that he was overwhelmed by the situation,”Completely destroyed and sunk.Sometimes it’s even hard to believe what’s going on”. Apparently, Tamara, who has been famous since the day she was born, is like a fish in water in every situation and is more accustomed to weathering all kinds of storms. Tamara’s reappearance may be a good thing for Inigo A major surprise, mainly because of “her integrity, strength and maturity”. However, his conclusion, after two years in a relationship, should have been different. If he was so surprised, it was one of two things: either he Don’t know Tamara at all or, like many others, he underestimates her. Isabel Preysler’s daughter is an independent, intelligent woman with strong and clear ideas. Clearly, in an act of hedonism that seems to have no consequences Values ​​like honesty, loyalty and contempt for lies may have a place in and relativistic societies, but the truth is that Lessons of Dignity Falcó’s work further embodies a simple feminist response. It’s a general moral issue. As for Ini Ge, the legend goes like this Monica Naranjo One day, when he heard Aitana sing one of her songs about “Almost Arrived”, he lashed out at her. This is how he will be remembered: as the boy who almost brought the bride from Spain to the altar.


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