The European Union, Spain and Morocco reached a consensus to cancel the European Court of Justice’s ruling on the Sahara Desert


Just after the relations between Morocco and Spain and the European Union began to normalize The Ceuta crisis bottomed out in May last year, this Luxembourg Court (CJEU) caused New fire. In a ruling announced on Wednesday, the European Judiciary abolished The trade and fisheries agreements signed by Brussels and Rabat in 2018 and 2019 respectively, go through Illegal Including Western SaharaThe ruling was made after months of pressure from Morocco, demanding that the EU follow in its footsteps. Donald Trump And recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

However, it is not the first time that the European Court of Justice has ruled that the agreement between the EU and Morocco does not apply to the Sahara.It has occurred For the first time in 2016 after that 2018But this time, the reactions of all parties were completely different.If in 2016 the Rabat government Decided to formally suspend all relations with the EU in protestNow Morocco, the European Union and Spain have reached a consensus to cancel the European Court of Justice’s ruling on the Sahara Desert.

An alliance that is not improvised at the last minute, but is prepared in advance, and negative judgments are expected. Just a few minutes after the European Court of Justice’s ruling, the head of community diplomacy, Joseph BorrellAnd the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, Nasser Britta, Published a Joint Statement They conspired so that the ruling would not damage relations between Brussels and Rabat again.

“We will take the necessary measures to ensure that a legal framework is established to ensure The continuity and stability of EU-Morocco trade relations. We are still fully mobilized to continue the cooperation between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco in an atmosphere of calm and commitment,” the statement read.

As far as the Minister of Agriculture is concerned, Luis PlanasTo ensure the decision of the European Court of Justice”Do not question the relationship with Morocco“This is a “strategic partner.” Pedro Sanchez I hope that Brussels will appeal to overturn the second-instance verdict on the Sahara, Go along with you nationThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs has always avoided confirming this to this newspaper, and only pointed out that to respect the ruling, it must first be examined in depth.

In fact, the sentence itself contains an escape clause, which makes There is currently no actual effect. The ordinary courts decided to temporarily maintain the validity of these two agreements on the grounds that their immediate annulment “may have serious consequences for the EU’s external actions, and it will challenge the legal certainty of the international commitments it undertakes”.

In other words, the commercial and fisheries agreement will continue to be effective until the European Court of Justice decides in the second instance that the appeal is more likely. A decision that takes months or even yearsFor this reason, the main Spanish fisheries sector affected by the cancellation is still on the sidelines. Of the 128 EU vessels fishing in Moroccan waters, 92 were Spanish vessels from Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Galicia.

The only one who is eager to apply the sentence against Sahara as soon as possible is Polisario Front, This is the person who appealed to the European Court of Justice and is now “Triumphant victory“. Polisario believes that the ruling confirms his argument According to reports, Western Sahara “has an independent and unique position relative to the Kingdom of Morocco”, which means rejecting Rabat’s “expansionist claims” European Press.

For its part, Manchester United we can stand out from Sanchez again And called on the EU to comply with the ruling. “The EU has a responsibility to abide by the judgment and respect international law. Provide justice for the Saharan people and ensure the legal safety of workers in the primary sector. This is also the best basis for restarting all relations with the Maghreb,” said Purple MEP Idoia Villanueva, head of Podemos International Secretariat.


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