The European Union accuses Lukashenko of “meshed” with immigrants and accuses the European “mafia”


Lukashenko Throw the ball out. President of Belarus It is believed that the fault of the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland lies in the European “mafia.”

“They put them on the plane, they landed here, caught them, took them to the border, helped them cross the border, and they had received their own there: Poles, Germans, Ukrainians. All of them It’s in exchange for money,” he said, according to reports from the official Belta agency.

The leader accepted an interview with Russian military experts, and he answered in the interview The accusations of the EU and NATO Use immigration -Mostly Kurds and places- Regarding the “hybrid war” referred to by the NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg.

Polish agents stopped hundreds of immigrants.Effie

Stoltenberg calls the Polish president on Tuesday, Andre suspected, To express the “unity” of the Atlantic Alliance.

As far as he is concerned, the leader of Belarus is a close ally of his opponent Vladimir Putin, Expressed concern that the current border tensions may lead to Poland’s “provocation”, He accused of using Panther tanks to fight thousands of migrants who had been trying to cross the border of Grodno region since Monday.

Lukashenko also accused the European Union (EU) of diverting attention from his own problems with the accusations against him, instead lashing out. Minsk regime.

The position of the EU and NATO

as a response, According to this report, The EU has launched Comprehensive retaliation plan against Belarus, It seems that the expected results have not been achieved.

Currently, 166 leaders in total ——Including Lukashenko himself and his son and national security adviser Victor Lukashenko—— And 15 entities are Sanctioned, Which includes freezing accounts and prohibiting travel to the European Union.

In addition, the EU has approved selective economic sanctions affecting the oil sector, the lucrative potash industry or the Belarusian financial system.

European CommissionIt was led by Ursula von der Leyen, but denied that these measures were ineffective. “We believe that our sanctions are working, Because the Lukashenko regime began to behave like a regime rogue. Because they are hurting them, they don’t know what else to do, that’s why they are trying to undermine the EU by launching a mixed attack on EU member states,” a spokesperson for the head of European diplomacy said on Tuesday. Joseph Borrell.

Obviously, the refugees at the border -Among them, Women and toddlers—— They have an uncertain futureThe Polish far-right government led by the Law and Justice Party approved measures that allowed the forced deportation of irregular migrants, while Belarus abolished its readmission agreement with the European Union.


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