The EU praises Sanchez for responding to the Afghan crisis: “Spain is a model for the soul of Europe”


Supreme Representative of the European Union They thank and recognize This saturday Spain’s work in the Afghanistan crisis After the Taliban came to power Explicitly support Pedro Sanchez This is his first public appearance in the past two weeks.

“When needed, Spain showed its humanity and sense of unity. Spain is a model of the European soul In the best way of expression” assured the chairman of the committee, Ursula von der Lein, that he, together with Sanchez and the chairman of the European Commission Charles Michel, visited the reception center for European citizens in Torrejón de Ardos. Collaborators with Afghanistan evacuated from Kabul.

Michel’s thoughts on the Germans are too numerous to mention, and he directly thanks the Prime Minister for his “initiatives.” “When needed, Spain shows its humanity and sense of unity. this Move so fast [con el montaje del centro de acogida en la base madrileña] This is a way to show that the EU will always fulfill its moral obligations in difficult times,” he asserted.

The meeting of the main representatives of the European Union in Madrid is an opportunity for Sanchez, in addition to trying to put Spain in a good position Leadership in crisis management in Afghanistan, Is trying to stimulate a stronger community response and promote the creation of European Military Emergency Team, In the image and image of the Spanish.

In recent days, the government has expressed the feeling from different ministers that in the “unspeakable” tragedy that Afghanistan is experiencing, the absolute chaos and “Theatrical Image” Arriving from Kabul Airport, Spanish management is “very satisfactory”.

Along these lines, Sanchez claimed on Saturday that Spain “will always be committed to Defend democracy There needs to be “and defend” the values ​​of solidarity and solidarity “with Afghanistan” women and children “as representing the “best in the EU”.

Criticism of PP

However, the support of community representatives contrasts sharply with the position of the main political parties in this position. Tian has deployed a campaign to make the president “show his face” His response to the Torrejón meeting this Saturday was to blame the president “Hiding in a photo with Europe.”

Dolors Montserrat, PP spokesperson for the European Parliament, criticizes Sanchez “Hidden his facelessness and his tyranny” At this meeting, Pablo Casado, the chairman of the party, demanded that the government “no photos available for gallery use in a week.”

However, Casado stated that “the President of the European Council and the European Commission’s support for Spain is a success and once again urged the Prime Minister to make an’open explanation’” “Settlement in court” Regarding the situation in Afghanistan.


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