The EU approves the validity of the new crown passport for 9 months for mandatory re-inoculation


The European Commission approved this Tuesday, After the approval of the member states, For people who are vaccinated, the validity of the Covid passport is 9 months.andThe goal of this deadline-not foreseen in current legislation-is Promote citizens to inject enhanced doses Vaccines and avoid every Member State Take unilateral and contradictory measures.

Allow enough time to implement these changes and the third dose campaign in Member States The reform will not take effect until February 1, 2022.

The new EU regulations on the acceptance period of Covid passports only apply to travel. despite this, Brussels recommends that member states use the same system for national use Provide safety protection for passengers and reduce interference.

Covid passport is An initiative promoted by Greece and Spain To facilitate unrestricted travel within the EU during the pandemic. In addition, most member states also use it to visit large events, restaurants, bars or gyms, but this use is based on national rather than European legislation.

The community executive insisted The certificate is a “success story”Because it makes it possible to promote safe travel for all EU citizens during the pandemic. To date, the EU has issued 807 million Covid passports. In addition, the instrument has become an international standard joined by 60 countries and regions on five continents.

However, the arrival of The new omicron variant questions the survival of the Covid passportEspecially because some countries-especially Mario Draghi’s Italy, as well as Greece, Portugal or Ireland-even require PCR testing for European travelers who have proof of vaccination.

Why choose a 9-month expiry date? RiseBased on ECDC’s recommendation to inject the third dose within 6 months After completing the initial vaccination plan.Added to this Extra 3 months to allow time Member states organize re-vaccination campaigns and citizens get vaccinations.

“Coordinating the validity period of the EU Covid digital certificate is a necessary condition to ensure safe, free movement and coordination at the EU level. For citizens and businesses, the strength and success of this valuable tool lies in its continued use throughout the European Union,” said Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides.

“What is needed now is to ensure that the intensified injection campaign is promoted as soon as possible, as many citizens as possible are protected by the extra dose, and our certificate is still a key tool for travel and protecting public health,” Kyriakides said.


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