The Eternals: Meet a New Type of Marvel Superhero


Marvel “The Eternals” this is not your typical superhero movie they make for the average fan. This time they felt they could use Academy Award Winner Chloe Zhao tell the story from a different perspective. Eternals comics are made by legend Jack Kirby after he returned from a short period in Dc comics back in 1976.

In six years of his work, I have created ‘New Gods’ comics, but he chose to keep a similar narrative when he created ‘Eternal’… Similar vibrations of cosmic superpowered beings in constant turmoil with their own creators are the main pathways. Kevin Feige tried to output to the silver screen through Chloe Zhao

Unlike usual Marvel Studios superheroes who have a more human aspect of vulnerability to them,Eternal‘are nearly perfect creatures created by the giant space creatures known as Celestials… In the comics, the main function of the Eternals is to fight the first creation of the Celestials, Deviants… However, their ultimate goal is to create other Celestials by increasing the entire population on the planets, which will eventually become the main source of energy for this new Celestial.

This particular story tells about the relationship between the group Eternal who were allowed to come to earth for a new birth Heavenly it will take thousands of years. On a large scale MCUthese Eternals have been present throughout the history of Thanos, but they have not been able to interfere in any way.

Mixed reaction from critics and the public.

When ‘Eternal‘was released to the press a few weeks ago, there was a mixed reaction that turned the film into the first film with a rotten soundtrack. Rotten tomatoes Web site. But fans speak well of the film, which is ultimately what Marvel Studios takes care of. While critics rate the film below 60%, among fans it is around 80%. This disagreement between critics and fans is nothing new, especially with films that are fresh to the imagination.

Eternal‘is a new approach that is completely different from the usual Marvel Studios films that are more in line with how Dc comics strives to portray his heroes. Indestructible super-powerful creatures who have to deal with human emotions on a daily basis. At its core, ‘Eternalreally heroes that could be easily created COLUMBIA REGION and not Miracle at some point. The latest Marvel Studios film is now rolling out throughout the United States of America.

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