The emotional words of Emma García to Ana Rosa Quintana at a difficult time


There is no doubt that Emma García and Ana Rosa Quintana are two of the heavyweights of Telecinco. Both presenters lead two of the chain’s most prominent spaces: The Ana Rosa Program Y Partyreason for which they could not miss the party that their production company organized last Friday night.

Emma García at the ‘Unicorn’ party / Gtres

Although it had some of the most controversial moments, such as the rapprochement produced between Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez, the truth is that the celebration was marked by the presence of the emblematic master of ceremonies of the Telecinco morning program. After having been away from the media spotlight for eleven months as a result of breast cancer, little by little the journalist is resuming her daily life, which is why she could not miss one of the biggest events of the year for her entire team. A movement that did not go unnoticed by her colleague, Emma García, who took advantage of a moment of prominence to pay tribute to the communicator with some precious words: “They all give me a lot of love, just like the message of love that Ana Rosa sent me just when… Well, there is a very special moment for me, because it just came at that moment”, pronounced the presenter, hinting that her partner has been one of her great supports in a very difficult life situation for her, although without revealing more details about what it was about.

Ana Rosa Quintana at the party of her producer / Gtres
Ana Rosa Quintana at the party of her producer / Gtres

Meanwhile, Quintana remained expectant of all the love he was receiving from his team, whom he thanked for their professionalism in the workplace and the affection in the professional: “Thanks for your effort. We are going to continue growing, we are going to continue fighting and we are going to continue, fundamentally, living”. Some words that did not go unnoticed by her program partner, Patricia Pardo, who assures that “November 3 was the hardest day of all her professional career”, since the presenter “could not imagine how much they cried”: “You have to look forward, yes, but it is also good to remember, and remember how hard this year has been to congratulate you because, for us, it is essential that you are here today,” declared Christian Gálvez’s girlfriend, visibly moved for having the opportunity to tell Ana Rosa how much she has been missed for practically an entire year.

Emma García in 'Fiesta' / Telecinco
Emma García in ‘Fiesta’ / Telecinco

How could it be otherwise, these emotional images of the party of Unicorn were reproduced live Partyallowing the collaborators to remember the key moments of a night to remember, although strongly marked by the unexpected rapprochement between Jorge Pérez and Alba Carrillo and that could have cost the relationship to the winner of survivorswho was leaving the set in tears when he admitted that his wife was receiving endless messages given her husband’s affectionate attitude towards the collaborator.


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